Great photoshoot with my sister and our families to celebrate her milestone birthday. Lester was highly professional and welcomed us very warmly to his studio. He made us all feel very comfortable and we loved every minute of it. Wonderful memories of the day captured in beautiful photos ~ Paul_


I have worked with Lester so many times now I can’t count! But every single one of those times has been absolutely fantastic! Lester is so easy to work with, we have a good chat and a laugh on every shoot! I feel comfortable and at ease with him always.  

Throughout the shoots Lester is always professional and respectful he has lots of ideas but always welcomes ideas and input from the model too. He is very happy for you to see the images so everyone can see what is being achieved.  

Lester has taken some of my favourite photos, he is an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope I can continue to work with him again and again! Absolutely whole heartedly recommended from me!


I have worked with Lester many many times now and every time just gets better and better!

He is an absolute pleasure to work with, friendly, professional, polite and very respectful. He takes gorgeous photos! Our last shoot was at Burford Manor and we got some stunning shots!

He is a gentleman and a delight to work with, I would without any hesitation whatsoever recommend working with Lester and hope to continue working with him in 2021!

Thanks Lester!


Lester is by far one of the best photographers I've ever worked with! The photos are absolutely gorgeous and speak for themselves! He's so friendly and welcoming! And makes the model feel comfortable and happy! Lester has some fantastic ideas too! And never pushes you to feel unhappy or uncomfortable!

Even though, we had some trouble with the bright sun and wind, Lester had other ideas to make the shoot work rather than it being a shambles. He definitely helps build a models confidence and makes the model feel good! I highly recommend to anyone! Whether you're just starting out or a professional! I honestly could not of asked for a better person to work with to get back into shooting! Absolutely fantastic! A huge 5*! This guy is a genius with the camera! I can't wait to hopefully get a chance to work with him again!!


Had a lovely shoot with Lester. There was great communication leading up to the shoot and we tried various ideas, trying different styles, helping me gain a bit more confidence with a studio setting - he made it a relaxing atmosphere. He is friendly and professional, and very accommodating. I do hope to work with him again and push the boundaries on different concepts :) I would definitely recommend him :) Thankyou again, Anme :)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Lester at his studio. He had great communication beforehand, and was there ready to welcome me when I arrived. Lester is very friendly and talkative, with a great vision... From the start I knew we were going to have a very productive and also fun/relaxed shoot. He made me a cup of tea (thank you!) and we ran through outfits and ideas.

The studio was very spacious, clean and also warm (which is a bonus!). With the conversation constantly flowing, the shoot went by fairly quickly, but got so many different shots in that time. Lester gave brilliant advice and direction, and had some good ideas which have resulted in some great photos!

I would recommend Lester and look forward to working with him again.



Yet another shoot with Lester, yet more amazing outcomes! I truly do enjoy working with him, he's such great company. We work hard but also have our laughs and chats in between. Today we shot in an abandoned building and got some truly amazing photos! And I think Lester will agree. Will always recommend Lester to any model looking to shoot, you will not be disappointed.


FUCHSIA  Disabled Model

Today was my first shoot with Lester and wow, we created some amazing things. Before hand Lester and I had excellent email communication and also met up for a few hours to discuss our shoot, style and concepts.​

Everything was so professional and made me feel at ease at all times. I knew what Lester wanted and he knew what I could deliver. I could not have been more happy with working with Lester. I would recommend Lester to any model who is just starting out or is professional as you will not be sorry. Communication was top grade and Lester's style was relaxed and yet very professional. I can not wait to work with him again. Here's to the future.



This was my third shoot with Lester, and probably our best. We caught some awesome images in the woods in various outfits, my favourite was probably the red dress! We then headed back to the studio for a couple of gothic style shots (which I thrive in) It was a tiring day but we both powered through it and it was brilliant. Thank you Lester for all your help and the work we produce is amazing!

Onwards and upwards. Highly recommend Lester, he has brilliant ideas and is very accommodating.



This was my first shoot with Onclick and hopefully not my last as I had a wonderful time on the shoot trying to capture several different styles in the studio. Not only was Lester helpful and friendly, he was punctual and great with communication before the shoot. I am very excited to see the finished images!

Thank you so much- this shoot was a pleasure to work on!



This was my second shoot with Lester, and was even better than our last! Absolutely fun shoot, with lots of laughs. We had a very interesting shoot where we got a lot of things done! So excited to get the photos back and to work with Lester again. Would highly recommend!



Had a great shoot with Lester, did multiple themes and had a very productive three hours. He is a very nice man and makes you feel at ease. He gives good direction when you need it. Would definitely work with him again. Look forward to our next shoot on location :)



This was my first shoot with anybody so I was a bit apprehensive. There was no need, Lester was a real gentlemen and talked me patiently through everything. He put me at my ease from the start and I really enjoyed it all. Nothing to be nervous about.



Lester is a very nice man with great hospitality. I shot with him yesterday doing a studio shoot with a few outfits I brought with me. We got cracking right away, as the shoot went on, Lester and I warmed more so to each other and the shoot went so great. Would have no problem recommending Lester to anybody.



Had a lovely shoot with Lester at his studio, very well equipped and lovely and clean. This was my second shot with Lester and find him to be a complete gentleman and very professional with great ideas and the images are just stunning. Thanks so much Lester, Can't wait to work with you again xox.



Really nice photographer made me feel comfortable and had so many ideas .Was so much fun working with him and would defiantly do it again I would highly recommend this photographer as he is so trust worthy and friendly.I have also gained a new friend out of doing this shoot.